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A website is more than just a portal of information, it’s the frontline for your first impressions.

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In today’s digital world, having a website is mandatory. AR Design & Technology offer clients state-of-the-art latest in Website Technology, right from designing the website layout to publishing it. We mix a perfect blend with creative design and ease-to-use technology to provide services in website design, development and hosting for B2B and B2C customer applications.

AR Design & Technology (ARDT), is a leading web design and web development company in Bangalore. Our services include website designing, logo design, eCommerce development, graphic design, and branding. We have more than 15 years of experience in delivering creative and responsive designs for our clients to enable them to prosper and grow their online revenue. We understand your business needs and the importance of having a professional online presence to compliment your vision. We promise to work with you to ensure that we deliver an innovative solution that meets your expectations and helps you realise your vision and mission.

Design & develop websites that performs perfectly for our clients, their visitors and web browsers too

Static Website

We offer a wide range of static website designs and web development services at an affordable price. We help the clients create an online presence that allows the masses to know you and your products and services.

The best thing about having a static website is that it contains webpages with fixed content. The static website is a basic website that contains 4-5 web pages. The pages are coded in HTML and displays the same information to all the visitors every time. It is also helpful to deliver a consistent layout throughout the site.

We create professional websites that is easy to use, SEO friendly, and easy to promote. Get Creativity, Imagination, Innovation development, and Digital Marketing services in one affordable package for your Static Website.

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Dynamic Website

We are experts in offering dynamic website design along with static website design and development. With a dynamic website all of your data and content are organized in a database or backend Content Management System (CMS), which connects to your website pages.

It is built using server-side language and technology. Dynamic websites allow for the content of each page to be delivered and displayed dynamically, or on-the-fly, according to user behavior or from user-generated content. The way this information is arranged and connected to your site’s design controls how and when its content is revealed on a page.

As a professional dynamic website design company, we implement web designing features which help organizations and customer go beyond the traditional web technologies boundaries to explore an exciting world.

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Ecommerce Website

We offer customized ecommerce website development at affordable cost. We have an experienced ecommerce development team specializing in Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, Shopify & multi-vendor Ecommerce website development.

We create high quality ecommerce websites that are fully responsive, compatible with all browsers & devices, custom add to cart, and SEO friendly website with payment gateway integration for the best user experience. While developing each website, we ensure that the right security measures are in place to make your website safe and secure.

Our goal is to provide you the very best website tailored to your company's needs. We also provide you with an attractive layout and catchy tag lines to increase your customer conversion rate.

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Responsive website

Mobile browsing has come of age today. At, ARDT, we offer a responsive website design service ensuring optimization for every browser. Today’s responsive design offers a one-size-fits-all solution by being able to dynamically resize content and eliminate the coding and management efforts for multiple interfaces.

The increasing uses of the smartphones in our lives, tells that Responsive web designing is not a trend anymore, it is a necessity of this modern world. The website feature must be flexible to be viewed on all the devices and platforms that users are using to access online. That's why it's important to make every business websites mobile optimized to ensure the page widths, layout, colors, fonts, graphics, texts and designs get auto- adjusted from the desktop to the palm-sized mobile without any distortion, poor resolution, or horizontal scrolling.

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Corporate Website

A Corporate Website is regarded as the face of a business that reflects the company's values as well as brands in an efficient manner. Such websites not only showcases the products & services that you sell but even communicate with a large number of audiences thereby even targeting potential markets. Thus, the corporate website design should be made stylish and contemporary, which can instantly appeal to the customers and help in retaining their attention.

As a professional corporate website design company, We deliver a fresh product that positions your business as the undisputed leader in your business niche. Our process is very comprehensive and provides you a perfect corporate website design which is optimal for your company.

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Custom website

Looking for a reliable custom website designed for your company? We are a professional custom website design company which is committed to turning your dreams into reality. To date, we have satisfied 100% of our global clients for which we have created custom websites. With our client’s goals in mind, we never lose site of the fact that an exceptionally designed website is important for any business.

Our professionals are experts at creating eye-catching dynamic website keeping the target audience in mind. Our professional website designers precisely combines the requisite website elements while designing, ensuring that it communicates the desired brand message.

We are a premier custom website design company. This means that each of the websites that we develop is truly unique On its own. It is the technical expertise and creativity of our website designers and developers that truly sets us apart.

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AR Design & Technology (ARDT) , provides website redesign services in which we perform a detailed process of revamping customer website. The process includes: giving a new look/design to improve website performance, updating website content, and improving navigation for better conversions. We critically audit the current website before recommending the website redesigning:

    Website objectives: Determine website objectives to define and measures for the redesign, and what metrics you want to have in place to achieve your goal.

    Website effectiveness: Conduct an SWOT analysis to determine trends, best practices and the overall effectiveness of your website.

    Gap Indentification: Determine any gap on the website infrastructure that includes people, processes and technology.

    Website redesign road map: Identify steps and technologies that you need to close the gaps.

The redesign process improves the website performance inline with client goals. The process entails technical aspects that would involve finalizing a color scheme, fonts, logo, design elements, button colors, button placement, etc.

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AR Design & Technology (ARDT) offers a complete AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) package for website design, domain hosting and maintenance of your website or portal. We offer two types of professional website or portal maintenance services.

Basic website maintenance plan: The plan is applicable for websites developed by us and exist as an intergral part of the website development contact. This plan is complete in itself and undertakes website design implementation and maintenance of your website. The customer are encouraged to move to a regular AMC plan post 6 months.

Business / Professional website maintenance plan: The other plan is a regular website maintenance service (AMC) plan which is offered to customers owning a business / personal website and require professional maintenance of their website.

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Activities covered under website maintenance services:

Text: Additions or deletions from an existing website.

Photos: Additions, deletions and basic enhancement.

Links: Additions or deletions of links.

File Downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents.

Videos: Insertion or deletion of pre-edited video.

Color and Background Images: Changes/replacements to the background features.

Webpages: Additions or deletions of pages in-line with the existing webpage design.

Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move or delete an item in the navigation menu).

Flash: Text-only changes and basic photo replacement in flash animation.

Forms: Changes to the dynamic (resposnive) form layout and integration (eg. Contact Us form).

All Standard Support: Help with e-mail set-up and other basic customers requirements.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Add/remove products, images and galleries
Update content and pricing
Add/update emails and phone numbers
Add/remove pages
Create/update forms
Add Paypal and social (e.g. Facebook, Wattsup, etc.) buttons
Google website presence
Basic Bug fixes and minor modification in the code
Create content and copywriting
Update blog entries
Manage Facebook and Twitter accounts
Site Yahoo/Bing presence
Monitor visitor reviews
Scheduled maintenance hours per month
1 hr
5 hrs
10 hrs
15 Turn-around-time 24- 72 hrs 24- 72 hrs 24- 48 hrs

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