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Transcription is the art of listening to speech and converting it into a written document. The term transcription refers to the process by which video or audio resources are transferred into a text format for indexing, approachability or archival purpose. Transcription techniques are used in various spheres and different fields including law enforcement, musical performance and for various business purposes. Technological advances and inventions have made transcription works easier and more efficient by providing advanced ways to record the original material and to produce clear, readable transcripts for business purposes.

Many professionals require transcripts, including doctors, those in the film industries, legal field, radio programs, or speech or lecturers.  This is because of their requirements to have a certified written copy of the spoken events available for references. The podcaster now chooses to publish transcripts of their contents on line because the written word can be found by search engines and can also be easily quoted on websites and blogs. The closed subtitling and captioning are other aspects of transcribing that most are familiar with and often used.  It saves time and hassle to have important meetings transcribed, allowing executives to review notes to ensure they have not missed any crucial points which are very important.

ARDT has a brilliant team of transcriptionists, editors and a dedicated team of IT and support force. To ensure quality,security and maturity in our work. All our team members are highlly experienced in the transcription industry. We transcribe a wide range of audio and video recordings across many industries. Our Clients include Individuals, Medical, Academics, Business, Legal and many more ....

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Audio Transcription

The transcription of audio files into text format and vice versa. It mainly transcribes ......

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Video Transcription

Video transcript is a text interpretation of all the words uttered in the video which........

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Medical Transcription

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession dealing with.........

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Academic Transcription

Accurate, Human-Based Transcription for your Academic Projects. Our academic ...

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Business Transcription

Business transcription is the transcribing of any audio or video recording including.........

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Insurance Transcription

TTS is a leading transcription company that has delivered over thousands of ........

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Live Transcription

As an IT software development company, we also offer ongoing support, adjustive ......

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Not everyone speaks the same way, not every transcriptionist is the same. It is our job to find the right person or team to transcribe. This means we will work on finding the right person with the correct expertise to make sure that the service we provide is absolutely perfect.

When audio or video recordings are converted to a text transcript, that's a transcription. Usually, a transcript focuses on accurately reproducing words as text. Both audio transcription and video transcription start by supplying the source file or URL to the transcriber. Then the transcriber listens to the file and types out what they hear.

All transcripts are checked by our QA team to make sure that the quality of the work is always maintained. Our service will provide you with several dictation options while maintaining safety and security.

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