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Transcription is the art of capturing speech and transforming it into written form. It's a process that converts audio or video resources into text for accessibility, indexing, or archival purposes.

Transcription is used in various fields, including law enforcement, music, and business. Technological advancements have made transcription more efficient, allowing professionals like doctors, filmmakers, and lecturers to have certified written copies of spoken events. ARDT has a team of experienced transcriptionists, editors, and IT support to provide quality and secure transcription services for individuals, medical, academic, legal, and business clients.

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Audio Transcription

The transcription of audio files into text format and vice versa. It mainly transcribes ......

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Video Transcription

Video transcript is a text interpretation of all the words uttered in the video which........

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Medical Transcription

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession dealing with.........

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Academic Transcription

Accurate transcription for your academic projects. Our academic...........

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Business Transcription

Business transcription is the transcribing of any audio or video recording including.........

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Insurance Transcription

TTS is a leading transcription company that has delivered over thousands of ........

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Live Transcription

As an IT software development company, we also offer ongoing support, adjustive ......

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In the world of transcription, not all voices are created equal, and neither are all transcribers. Our mission is to match each project with the perfect person or team, ensuring flawless results. Whether it's audio or video, we start by providing the source file and our expert transcribers do the rest. Our QA team guarantees quality, while our secure dictation options keep your information safe.

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